Hello World,

This Blog is the start of something very new for me, the start of working life, the beginning of adulthood and the first sentence to a new chapter in this thing we call life. For some reason I think it would be a great idea to write down the ramblings, discoveries, life lessons and simple thoughts that I, an average 20 year old girl -recent graduate (Had to throw that in there), am experiencing in life. So as a first post I thought that I’d address the huge obstacle that everyone faces on a daily basis but yet we are shocked when it rears its head. CHANGE, obviously we go through big changes and small changes, as for me right now my change comes in the form of moving back home after uni. It wasn’t a surprise as I knew it was coming months before it happened but yet I’m struggling to deal with it. Readjusting to the place I’ve called home for quadruple the amount of years I was away for – but still not feeling comfortable. Don’t get me wrong I love my family to bits, but its the loss of independence – not having friends around 24/7, constant entertainment and being allowed to walk in at any hour is what takes adjusting to. It almost feels like moving out of your parents home teaches you about YOU. Soy many life lessons are learnt through moving out, from how long pasta takes to burn to paying for your TV license. I feel you begin to establish who YOU really are when you are on your own, making decisions for yourself, being accountable for yourself, relying on you to look after yourself-  moving out grows you as an individual. its not simply the four walls and the front door that makes living away from home an experience but its the subtle daily lessons you learn about yourself and others that contribute to the development of independence. obviously its not all so philosophical, you can throw insane parties, leave the toilet door open, stack washing up for two weeks without being nagged and generally have an awesome time. To help stop myself from going insane I think I should adopt the perspective that I have learned so much about myself and moving back home doesn’t change that, I am evolving and so is the world around me. I have had an incredible time at university but time moves on and so must I, I’ll take all I have learnt and the amazing memories and begin to build the foundations of my adult life. As well as trying to move out again as soon as possible 🙂


Thanks for doing life with chi xxx