Recently I have been battling with my attitude. you may assume the type of attitude that is associated with the stereotypical large african american women whose character is  larger than life and tends to  end each statement with a hand clicking gesture. Unfortunately my attitude is not as attractive, its the result of frustration at life. I’ve noticed that i have a tendency to be a tad negative/stroppy – basically I’ve been acting like a 13 year old brat.

People who know me, will be shocked at that statement as I’m typically the life and soul of the party, always laughing and smiling generally chatty and bubbly. However, I think there is a truth when people say you find out who someone really is when you live with them – ask my mum I’m sure she’d have plenty to say :).

With my recent indulgence in orange is the new black, a line from the intro song by Regina Spektor, You’ve Got Time, reads “taking steps is easy, but standing still is hard”. I know I’m not a convict and I’m not incarcerated, but I have had a lot of thinking time being unemployed and bored. One of the biggest reality checks I’ve had has been the power of attitude and perspective. Believe me when I say that, being a neg or Debby downer doesn’t help any situation in life. It’s not been easy to check my attitude, I’ve snapped at the fam a little too often, I’ve sat and thought that my life is going no where, I’ve given up on things, stopped writing my blog posts just because I’ve been in a negative head space, but it  hasn’t eased my frustration its only heightened it.

I’ve adopted this whole “First world Problems” mentality where I like to blame my frustrations on everyone else without taking time out to look at myself. I feel like the most successful people in our world have cracked the code, its all about keeping  positive attitude. It gets to a point where you realise that you cannot affect  things that are not in your control, like the weather or who will hire you;  but you can affect your attitude. Life gets so much easier when you slip into that mentality, if I can positively change my attitude and tackle the problems I can personally effect then the results will naturally come. I’m aware it can sound a bit idealistic but I’d rather be happy in my unemployment than being a grumpy b**ch 😮


Thanks for doing life with chi xxx