four chi

Hello chickens, Hope y’all are good!

So I saw this post that gave me inspiration to write my blog post, it asked:  “If you had only four minutes to describe who you are what would you say?” Which when thinking about it, Im not sure what I would say. I’d have a list of obvious things that most people would say e.g, like to have fun, hang out with friends, have a lil dance and blah blah blah… but to be honest I hope there is much more to me than that but putting it into words isn’t that easy. I tried writing it out but couldn’t really think of where to start, I like to think I’m a person who’s got life on lock but by in large – I’m a bit of a confused being.

So now that I’ve finally been employed and about to start my career, I thought that I’d start feeling a bit more settled and secure with who I am or  where I plan on going… Unfortunately not so much. Bonus, I’ll be increasing my baller status but as for where Im heading no single clue is given. I am aware that I don’t think anybody really gets to a point to where they are fully sure of themselves and their role in society and have met every dream and goal they have ever had, but I would like to feel a little more in control. I feel like from hour to hour I have different life goals, as well as multiple personalities. I change as much as my weave changes.

However, I think the first level of becoming a semi- functional young adult is being comfortable with uncertainty – I may be preaching to the choir of young adults who have come to terms with this, but bare with me I’m just about getting there. I think I’ve already said that I’ve heard your twenties are about being selfish, unsure, brave and exploratory but I kinda wish there was a fast track guide to getting to where you need to be. I know people in there mid 40’s who are still a bit scatty loool! But I would bet money on the fact that at the age of 30 I’ll still be as clueless as I am now but hopefully in a different/better way.

Like I was standing at the bus stop the other day and did that text thing where it lets you know how quick the bus is gonna arrive, and me with my deeply profound thinking 😛 posed that knowing at what time the bus will arrive doesn’t make it come any quicker really… does it?  So because I’m such a deep thinker I was like its a metaphor for life !!!!!( Huge Flipping Brainwave ;D) If I could tell the future and know where I would end up wouldn’t make it happen any quicker or make it anymore exciting.

I am slowly but surely coming to terms with these facts

1) Accept and TRY to enjoy this awkward phase of life.

2) be comfortable with your irratic-ness (Its a word I made it up!!)

3) you don’t need to know who you are, just be truthful with how you feel.

4) your not a millionaire… but you will be one day

5) Buses are wank, especially rail replacement ones

6) comparing yourself to people at different stages of life doesn’t help!

I hope I have made a lil sense, you can tell I think weird and my head is a lil jumbled through reading this but as always ,

Thanks for doing life with chi xxx