“Gen Y the most wanted generation of children in history. Television, movies and school programs have told them they were special from toddlerhood to high school and they believe with a self-confidence that is impressive. Gen Y, unlike the Baby Boomers, are not self-absorbed, they’re self-important. They take it for granted that they’re special, independent, and don’t need to reflect on it.” (Ray Williams July 13, 2014) https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140713132101-1011572-is-gen-y-becoming-the-new-lost-generation?trk=tod-home-art-list-large_0

Hey peeps, I’ve decided to write something a little different today this topic has been running through my mind for a while and I think now its time to address it. I don’t know why now but I’m just gonna go with it… so again, bare with me and I hope it rings true to some of you glorious mandem :p I know nothing I write is novel or original but I feel it needs to be said…so why don’t I say it?!

So I’ve been thinking about my life in general, trying to sort out where I want my career to go and who I dream of becoming and how to get there really. I know when I ask friends and family of what they want to be? Or what are or were there dreams? The older people I’ve asked have seemed to be living completely different lives to what they dreamed of as young adults or teens. I do know, that life throws curve balls at people and there plans and dreams adapt to where life has taken them.

I don’t want to sound naive or idealist but don’t you feel that the most successful people in our world have never given up despite adversity…rent to pay,Netflix subscriptions and tax increases. I feel like our society paints a picture that success can only come if you are a pop artist,athlete, fashion designer or multi-million business owner. But I know that the majority of us don’t have ambitions like that or of that nature, some of us dream of owning our own land, becoming a head teacher or owning your own brand. Why have we decided to rate our success solely on monetary gains- can’t success look different for different people?

In response to the quote, I think there is nothing wrong with our generation feeling self important, we are confident, we have resources that generations before us would never have dreamed of. We have ideas that can actually be put into action,so we shouldn’t let the world/ our society rob us of our dreams? So here is a list of thoughts that I think will benefit anyone  in pursuit of an ambition;

1) Stop apologising for you talents/ambitions/ goals… they are only stupid if you believe so.

2) Don’t make excuses for why not! just get up and go for it.

3) You don’t need a back up plan but you need to be open to alternative routes to get there.

4) Find partners to collar with/ look for inspiration and advice   from others who are further ahead.

5) BELIEVE in yourself

6) Don’t take rejection personally- learn and grow from it!

7) Silly/ easily dismissed dreams are probably the best ones.

8)Trust the timing of your life!

9) Don’t get bored or complacent strive for excitement and challenges.

10) Who says we can’t be all entrepreneurs? we can all  be the leaders of our industries/ projects/ plans. If there isn’t a role in a industry or society  why can’t you create it for yourself!

I don’t want to sound like a preacher… because I’m not but I feel so strongly about people giving up on themselves because the world has forced them to think that way.

But I know personally I don’t want to live my life for anyone else but ME! If that makes me selfish then I guess I am, but I know that at the end of the day I won’t look back and think I’m glad I made money for that big corporation and my days were well spent just scraping by. I think its okay to be selfish with your ambitions and goals, as they are owned by YOU!

Thanks for doing life with chi xxx