It is here the time of year were we reflect on what went well, what wasn’t so great and what could be improved. my timelines are gonna be filled with  gigantic statements about where we hope to be next year,  long term goals are set and  making promises to ourselves about  being two sizes smaller are in abundance! These are not stupid aims but we say the same ish every year and 9 times outta 10 they don’t last more than a month.

This year I’ve decided to say goodbye to two things/habits that I don’t want to bring into 2015 and say hello to two new things/habits I will start into 2015! The difference is that I’m going to be realistic whilst remaning  optimistic with these aims. It’s not like because I have made this statement that it will  happen over night and on the 1st of January 2015 my life will look how I want it to. I’m going to be real, a lot of change happened in 2014 -some good some bad. I’ve learnt that time doesn’t run by my standards, change doesn’t happen over night- hard times don’t end when you expect them to. Growing up isn’t easy but learning to cope with what life throws at you is growing up. Money and things can’t bring you satisfaction and  I have learnt the importance in praying and being your own champion.

I want to leave the things that have hurt me in the past where they belong, I want to take what I’ve learnt and move forward. I want to be optimistic, dream big, have a smile on my face what ever the day looks like. I want to laugh with my friends and family, I want to 2015 to give me fantastic stories and experiences. Whatever comes my way 2015  I know I can get through it because I’ve don’t all the years pervious but I am open to the opportunities, lessons and lols of the new year.

I just want to wish everyone who reads this an awesome new year! Let’s continue to be real with each other, support each others pursuits, dream even bigger, make each other laugh and push through every adversity that challenges you this year. We can do it together!! Let’s just chose to be happy,  chose to be less angry, let’s deal with the real stuff in life and let the material just happen!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, the new year, the new days, literally everyday is a blessing and a  chance to let something new take place.

Thanks for doing life with chi xxx