Hello Peeps!

It’s been way too long and I blame grown up life for it all (my default excuse!)

I hope everyone is well and doing the damn thing in 2015! I’ve missed blogging on here – I’ve been doing a lot of it for work but not for myself but I’m back in action which is all that matters.

I have been sucked into the 9-5 vortex and adjusting to it hasn’t been that easy! when I look back to previous blogs about unemployment – I wish I had  treasured my free time, I now fully understand the power of a Friday and I’m jumping on the campaign for a 3 day weekend LOL!

I feel like my morning commute is a metaphor for my life at the moment; the blessed Victoria Line is my muse and I’ll explain why;

  • Overcrowded –  My mind goes at 100 mph on a good day, with hundreds of pointless thoughts and thousands of life questions that may never be answered. I’m always questioning myself and trying to figure out if I’m on the right path career wise, relationship wise and dinner choice wise! I’m questioning who I am in this world, am I gonna get stuck in this rat race forever, am I sure this is what I want to do and it goes on and on and on…
  • Fast – Unlike the Victoria line I won’t reach my destiny quite as fast. This is one of the most frustrating things I have to get over – I’m only 21 and even though I dream BIG… I am an intern and even though I’d like a fast track ticket to being a CEO it just won’t work like that! Hard work and small steps aren’t fun but they are crucial to building essential skills and work ethic! Sometimes you do have to do the dogs body work to understand how to employ the dogs body! One day I will sing drakes lyrics to my children 😉
  • No Personal Space – Everyone is up in my business and vice verso. I don’t think you understand how awkward a tube journey can be at 8am on a weekday, like for real I’m pretty sure I’m that close to some people I can see if they have nits or not! In life right now (I hope it’s not just me) but I’m proper self conscious about most things – what I wear, what I do, what I say, which is really unlike me. I feel like when you start out in this employment life your very aware of how you act and if your doing well! I feel this is due to education and constantly being assessed and now we are not being so harshly critiqued we do it to ourselves. It’s not a terrible thing but I feel like I need to be confident in my abilities and at the same time strive for the best.
  •  On Time – I’m not the best at being on time but I do know that if I miss one tube, another will be along in 2 mins. I need to learn to be on time, (which I am working on) however I also think that I need to also relax a bit, in the same way I trust the tube to turn up every 2 mins so I should trust that experiences in my life that I want to happen will happen in good time. Obviously If I’m heading in the right direction opportunities will arise but if I turn my back that’s when I’ll miss them!

I honestly give huge props to those who have gone before us and paved the way for expensive TFL for all! I joke but really this whole working lark aint easy and I rate my mother who has done it on her own for way too many years – however I do hope for myself and all of you that we won’t get stuck in the vortex but end up making our passions our 9-5’s!

Thanks for doing life with chi xxx