Wagwan mandem!!!

I feel like its all getting a bit too serious lately; I used to wonder when I was young why adults where always so serious! I now understand that sometimes trying to be adult is boring, stressful and headache most of the time. I’ve been taking myself to seriously and over thinking to the point of no return. I’m already at a crossroads career wise and not too sure which way to head and I have been seriously considering my options as well as making harsh judgement on everything I do, say, write and eat! It’s getting a lil too much – I need to have some fun!

Society will always be there to kill everyone’s hype, but I need to remember that I am only 21 (even though I feel like I’m 40) and life is meant to be fun! Work does not equal my life, I have to do it to get by but It’s not who I am. I get bored very quickly and I hope it won’t keep me from finding a job that suits me! I don’t want to be that person who has done about 30 different jobs and still hasn’t found one they actually enjoy! I want to enjoy what I do, I want to wake up buzzing to go to work… is that too much to ask?

Being with people makes me smile, working in a vibrant team, creating awesome original content, having a laugh and  we are helping people is what I really enjoy! If anyone has any ideas please holla at me! I’m done with being to serious, I want to laugh till my sides hurt, I want to be mentally stimulated and I want others to be made happy!

We are all very quick to notice the negative in anything and sometimes we need to take a step back and question what we want our lives to look like. The news is ever ready to tell of us of all the terrible things that are happening in the world, but who wants to make us smile? The negativity has stolen our hope, joy and enjoyment! I love walking into a room and thinking that I really Love everyone here and appreciating everything we have! Society makes us believe that money is what leads to these things but I know most of the happiest people are the poorest!

We all need to lighten up a lil bit, talk to each other more, drink a little, and leave judgement behind!

This post has been more for my benefit than anything, I have public diary and I hope you don’t mind reading it!

Thanks for doing life with chi xxx